Monday, 5 September 2011

A positive thing that I'm going to do during the mid-semester break.

       Mid semester break has started. Yahooo! It's time to enjoy with family, cousins, neighbours and of course schoolmates. My checklist's is getting longer and longer day by day. Even an A4 paper is not enough to fit all the things I want to do during mid semester break.
     With raya celebration is up front, the first thing I want to do is obviously a visit to my friends house. Woooow! Saliva is running unstoppable out of my mouth, can wait until I taste those biscuits. My grandpa's 80th birthday bash is coming too. So, I need to follow my family who will be heading to an orphan house. This time, most probably Cheras' Pelita Kasih orphan house will be welcoming us. Next on my checklist is the most important one, need to send my car to bodykit station and new rim are in line. KK Autoshow is just aroud the corner, so i need to prepare my baby monster. Lastly, on my checklist, preparation for upcoming tests. 3 tests in a row week after mid-semester break. Then 2 more tests burdening me. So, what I'm waiting for, go get the boook.............   

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