Monday, 19 September 2011

Car Tuning....

Everyone has their own hobbies. Some likes to do outdoor activities while some likes indoor. Some likes to read, some likes to write. Some likes to sleep and some likes to watch, but if you ask me about my hobby, I would say be extreme is my hobby. That's why I stepped into the world of motorsport. Many people misunderstand the word motorsport with car racing, which both are far away in concepts.  Upgrading body kits, installing new spoiler and muffler not only enhances the beauty of the car, it also enhances the performance as well. Those days car tuning was a crime but today it's a different story. It became legal and even competition are held worldwide to choose the best modified cars. These approach not only attracts today's youth towards these healthy habit, it also reduces the number of illegal racing among car maniacs. 

Dean List student....

Dean's Award event last week was a success. Those smiling students with a scroll in their hand made me jealous. So, I made up my mind. In the next same event, my name should be called as well. So it's time for me to be a bookworm. Time to uninstall all the overloaded games in my computer.  First test result have been published and I am quite satisfied with my outstanding results. I need to score my 2nd test with flying colours too. The library smell is calling me again. It's time to study hard like those days during SPM. 

Why do people consume alcohol…..?

Ever since now, alcohol drinkers are increasing starting from teenagers till elderly. The question is how does alcohol attracts so many people as the taste do not taste very good either. In addition, considering the side effect of alcohol, definitely it is very harmful for our health wise. Over time, alcohol has a biphasic effect on the body. The main reason why alcohol influence a lot of individual because alcohol generally produces feelings of relaxation and cheerfulness, but further consumption can lead to blurred vision and coordination problems. Excessive drinking, unconsciousness can occur and extreme levels of consumption can lead to alcohol poisoning and death. A lot of people start out happy and end up sad and depressed. It’s like coming down off a high. People drink because it makes them feel good awhile, but I doubt as many people would get drunk if they knew just how stupid they looked and acted.

Time to rehabilitate..........

Everyone in this Earth born with pure heart, but on the quest to be a successful person some of us ran out of tract and try to find a shortcut for their pursuit. We try to adapt negative characters just to be happy temporarily, but we forgot that something gained without hard work won't last until the end. At the age of 21, I do realize that I was one of the culprit too. It time for me to change, a change is needed for my own good. Time to overcome my sins with good-do. The real opportunity in a successful life lies within a good heart and in order to get to the top, I need to get through the crowd at the bottom first. 

Monday, 5 September 2011

A positive thing that I'm going to do during the mid-semester break.

       Mid semester break has started. Yahooo! It's time to enjoy with family, cousins, neighbours and of course schoolmates. My checklist's is getting longer and longer day by day. Even an A4 paper is not enough to fit all the things I want to do during mid semester break.
     With raya celebration is up front, the first thing I want to do is obviously a visit to my friends house. Woooow! Saliva is running unstoppable out of my mouth, can wait until I taste those biscuits. My grandpa's 80th birthday bash is coming too. So, I need to follow my family who will be heading to an orphan house. This time, most probably Cheras' Pelita Kasih orphan house will be welcoming us. Next on my checklist is the most important one, need to send my car to bodykit station and new rim are in line. KK Autoshow is just aroud the corner, so i need to prepare my baby monster. Lastly, on my checklist, preparation for upcoming tests. 3 tests in a row week after mid-semester break. Then 2 more tests burdening me. So, what I'm waiting for, go get the boook.............   

My dream car.

All people have their own dream car. For me, my all time favourite car is Audi A6. Its so beautiful both inside and outside. The ride is so smooth and the engine is very powerful. The wheels give the A6 look incredibly sporty and the tires is made to be more comfortable and safe during all seasons,regardless the road condition. Then, with the touch of a button the driver can start or stop the engine without removing the key . This is pretty cool and look stylish obviously. Furthermore, the safety system in this vehicle is incomparable, nominated as one of the best in the world. With enhanced sound system, one would never regret for choosing this car. So, I must work hard to make sure i own this car in the future.     

What we can do to help ease world hunger.

Everyone knows what hunger means. It is because every human does face it every single day as we somehow experience the physical sensation of desiring food. Everyone should understand our food consumption according to our body situation trends, as per our lifestyle. There is situation such as “malnutrition” which a condition caused by improper diet or nutrition in conjunction with both under or over consumption of calories, “Famine” which phenomenon  is usually accompanied by regional malnutrition, starvation, epidemic, and increased mortality, “Starvation” state of exhaustion of the body caused by lack of food, these state might lead to dead. For rich or moderate state of individual should not face any of the problem unless of unbalance diet which can cause disease. For poor state, chances of starvation will be high as the income is such. Food is an essential part of living. So for the one who deserve this opportunity, please do appreciate it, since there is a lot of people which dying to get these opportunity. Moreover, recommended diet in the community should be based on adequate intake of all nutrients in the right proportion to nourish the body and maintain optimal health

Friday, 19 August 2011

The long awaited season has begun......

              New nets have been fixed, pitches have been upgraded, kits have been redesigned, and players have been transferred. So what else, Preeeeeeettttttt! Let begin the game. English Premier League(EPL) has just started with some boring fixtures but do not worry, fascinating and earth shattering games are up front this week. New clinical strikers are eager to get their name on the score sheet as well. Therefore, we the 3 charming engineers will be bringing you all the latest updates on and off pitch, pre and post matches’ news. Hence, let us summarise this week fixtures.

                Sunderland will be heading down to face Newcastle United. Liverpool will be travelling to London to face their rival Arsenal at Emirates Stadium. With Fabregas and Eboue sold out recently, Nasri still under negotiation and new player Gervinho was suspended, what could Arsenal fan hope for. Let us wait and see. Elsewhere, Aston Villa will be taking on Blackburn Rovers at Villa Park. Sir Tony Fernandes newly co-owned team, Queen Park Rangers will be on action against Everton. Let support Sir Tony Fernandes guys. Wigan Athletic will be battling with another newcomer Swansea. Already lost their opening game, let us hope for the best from Swansea. Back to London, Chelsea will be facing easy opponent, West Bromwich Albion on the same day. Sunday’s kick off begins with Norwich facing Stoke City. Wolves will be battling with neighbour Fulham. EPL current leader, Bollton will face a tough challenge from Manchester City. Our last game on Monday, Manchester United will welcome fellow competitor Tottenham Hotspur to their home ground. So, ladies and gentleman don’t forget to wear your favourite team jersey on this days. Glory, Glory EPL!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

How I overcame challenges during Ramadhan.

Time move so quickly and now we are already in the month of “Ramadhan”. This is the month where the entire devils are chained. That is the reason why this month is said to be fully blessed by the God. On this month Ramadhan, this is the time where we will improve ourselves to be a better person and develop our attitude and personality. During Ramadhan, we have to be independent, to wake up early in the morning at dawn for Sahur. It is very challenging for us to refrain from hunger and thirsty during the Ramadhan. We just hope we can face all the obstacles and avoid any temptations that can lead us committing any sin. So to all my friends, Happy fasting..!!!!     

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What does cigarette addiction feels like….?

As time progesses, amount of smokers are increasing drastically. A lot of youngsters are so into cigarette addiction without thinking over their daily expenditure. Starting from secondary school, students start to be addicted to cigarettes. Even though, people are aware of cigarette consequences, they never stop smoking. I was just wondering what it feels like to be addicted. Does it feel like a burning in your stomach, an anxiety? What does cigarette do till every people start or keep smoking till the end? To smoke, people have several of reasons t o blame off.
We can’t really explain the addiction of a cigarette if you are a non-smoker. Anyhow the consequences of smoking are harmful and not healthy.
Sorry for the walls of irrelevant text, and thank you for reading!     

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The beginning of life as a Bachelor student in UniKL MICET

     Experiments, reports, assignments, tests, exams. Those words are still vivid in my mind, can't believe we have already stepped into Bachelor program in the same university again.With high hope and enthusiasm, life has a future engineer has begin here. Those familiar faces in my class cherished me. Haaaa, what a day we had during our pursuit for diploma. Let us do it again this year. With new friends and lecturers surrounding us, its us who have to show them our teamwork and capabilities. Ya, all of us know that Bachelor program is much tougher then diploma with the drastic increase in credit hours, real effort are needed to pass all the subject with flying colours.
     July 17th 2011 marked our arrival. Since then, 3 weeks has passed in the speed of lightning. Tests and quizzes are around the corner. Therefore, let all of us, engineer in the making hold each others hand and overcomes those uphill struggle and achieve our dreams.